About Nettle Web Design

Who we are

We're two people: Sue Sharples and David Oliver.  We began creating websites together in 2004 after meeting on an evening course, and we went on to form a business partnership which ultimately became Nettle Web Design Ltd.

Slightly out-of-date photo of Sue Sharples and David Oliver!When we met, we were both in the process of changing careers to the field of web design and development.  Sue had been a research scientist in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), and David had just left a successful career in the City.  With our combined skills and interests, we immediately saw potential in working together to help small businesses make the most of the internet and market themselves professionally online.

Company history

Since 2004, we've offered various internet-related services to our clients, including tailor-made web design and development, online selling (originally through eBay Shops for businesses!), and one-to-one training and consultancy.

Website for a medieval costume store (2007)We also specialised in online competitions, and used to run a large number of these - including treasure hunts, prize draws, and our highly successful Christmas advent calendars.  They always proved effective in substantially increasing visitors to websites - plus they've been a lot of fun!

As we're a small company, our clients themselves have mostly been small companies, too!  They've mainly been based around the UK, plus a few have been abroad, including France, Spain and Canada.

Over the years, in addition to clients such as solicitors, gyms and interior designers, we've built websites for businesses as diverse as an online stamps museum, holiday property sales, a social dining club - and even a specialist medieval costume store, whose site we hand-created to resemble a 14th century tapestry.

What we do now

We've now been developing websites together for over ten years, and have clients who return time and time again for our highly professional service and easy-to-understand advice - in what is a complex, ever-changing industry.  There's often an assumption that web designers should do everything from printing business cards to fixing email problems! We prefer to focus on the type of work we're best at, whilst saying "no" to any task we believe someone else can do better.

Our focus now is very much on helping clients to use quick, simple and cost-effective tools such as social media, blogs and newsletters, to help raise their online profile and keep it up-to-date.  (Our personal favourite at the moment is Twitter!)

GS Contracts Christmas Advent Calendar 2011Within recent years, we've also returned to creating and managing online competitions - including our unique style of interactive Advent Calendars and Easter Egg Hunts.

These types of projects have provided some of our favourite, most creative and original work in the past, so we intend to develop more of them in the future!

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